'Sport is like a life: Every step brings you something new and in different steps of your life you feel it differently'.

Yana Savechko's path in the world of sports began at the age of 5 in Ukraine: from rhythmic gymnastics to athletics. She graduated from the international yoga school Sivananda Vedanta Yoga, in India. Yana is a yoga and Pilates teacher. She also has a personal trainer certificate with the Italian Weightlifting Federation. She represents the ASICS FrontRunner Italy team.

Yana Savechko portrait

Tell us about you in a few lines?

I am Ukrainian, but I’ve been living in Italy for almost eight years. When I left my country, I had to change my life, so I dedicated it to sport. Now I’m a yoga and Pilates teacher. I’m an athlete and I continue to develop my skills because I like to help people to feel better and healthier.

What is a training day like for you?

I run six days a week, three of those I do speed/hills/long run trainings, and the other three I just run 10-15 km. Every day I do yoga or stretching for 30-60 minutes.Of course, when I teach, I still have to show the exercises, so I train myself a lot.
My biggest dream is to have my own studio where I can help people be healthy, flexible, strong and happy.

What are the common injuries you experience and what do you do to treat and avoid them?

When I was a little girl, I did gymnastics and ballet, so you can imagine that when I began to run, I had some problems with my feet. I had to stop my training and had intensive therapy. Now I try to follow my body, not to force it, do a lot of stretching, exercises, eat healthy and take supplements. After difficult training sessions, I always dip my legs or whole body in the sea when it is cold or have a cold shower. 

yana savechko running

Do you pay attention to the quality of food you consume and the macronutrients ratio? If so, could you share the specifics of it.

I have a diet created by my nutritionist. I don’t always eat everything in it but I always eat healthy. I’m lucky because I like to eat fruits and vegetables, dishes without too much salt and almost no fried food at all.

Which supplement do you consume, how do you make sure you take enough amino acids to respond to the strain you put on your body daily?

I take Amino acids, with calcium, magnesium and zinc after training. In order to protect my tendons, I’ve now added MSM, collagen, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Chondroitin sulfate, Glucosamine and Curcuma to my daily supplementation. 

What would you tell the 16-year-old Yana?

‘You’re so beautiful! Don’t try to change yourself and show the world that you are enough all the time! You are already enough, you’re unique!
And of course think more about your health, it’s the most important thing’. 

Yana Savechko nude

What was the best moment of your sports career?

I think that every moment is distinctive. Sport is like a life: Every step brings you something new and in different steps of your life you feel it differently. I can say that sport is my life, that is why maybe the best moment has not come yet…

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

The quality of our life depends on how we feel with ourselves. The biggest treasure is our health. Change your life, spend more time with yourself, with your family. Eat healthy, be present and conscious of what you eat, what you are doing to help your body be a better version of itself!